Carolann Dowsett


Customer Testimonials

RECOMMENDATION: I dare you to read the first 60 pages of this book and then put it down !!! Be prepared for a thriller which crosses over between a supernatural murder thriller and a love story. Beautifully written and an easy read..... make a book for the week or maybe what happened to me ....Something I had to finish before the end of the weekend. Multiple characters and scenarios intertwined with their own life experiences all coming to a conclusion.... well for now. Highly recommended. Author Carolann Dowsett.

- Robbee Carr,  Director, KJAR Commercial 


The most intense, page turning, edge of your seat thriller you will read all year!

- Pamela Fredrickson, SAHM


Life changing! I found myself relating to the main character, it was as if I was living the book. Couldn't put it down! Well written and a must read!

- Grace Mary Willson, Retail Manager